Job Description

Area: Service / Kitchen counter (Storage area) / Basement
Under the authority of: (Directly / Indirectly) Team Leader / Human Resource
Overtime Eligibility: Yes

Main tasks

1.1. Service counter
a) Charge the customer by ensuring the accuracy of the prices of the displayed menu.
b) Systematically offer one or more beverage / s, desserts and / or starters.
c) Process cash, credit card or automatic debit payments.
d) Make the change according to the policies issued.
e) Wrap the goods or put them in bags as needed by the customer and as directed.
f) Calculate the amounts collected at the end of the shift and reconcile them with the total sales figure.
g) Cleaning and maintenance tasks; coffee maker and flint, hot table, dessert display, beverage refrigerator, floor, walls, doors and frames, cupboard, etc.

1.2. Dining room

a) Ensure the setting up of the dining room at all times.
b) Toilet cleaning and maintenance tasks; floor, bowl, sink, soaps, filled with utility papers, etc. must be clean and functional at all times.

1.3. General

a) Courtesy and professionalism. Assist clients and provide for their needs without making them wait.
b) Take telephone orders quickly and professionally. Display orders in placeholders.
c) Provide information to clients.
d) Help with diving tasks; use a dishwasher (wash and store dishes, utensils, glasses, condiment container, etc.).
e) Detect and report any malfunctions and / or equipment breakdown.
f) Fill the various workstations respecting the rotation.
g) The spaces assigned to you will be your responsibility during your shift.
h) Use equipment and various supplies safely and efficiently.
i) Job closing tasks; the environment must be clean and safe.
j) Perform all other related tasks.
k) Carry out any other tasks given by a supervisor.
l) Complete kitchen task forms and reports diligently and accurately.


Essential Skills

1. Emphasizes customer service (courteous and considerate).
2. Collaborates well (teamwork).
3. Focuses on results (productive and dynamic).
4. Performs basic calculations diligently. Complete cash reports.
5. Ability to react well under pressure.
6. Attendance.

Job-related skills

1. Functional knowledge of a POS type cash register system
2. Be able to calculate taxes with a calculator.
3. Takes initiatives related to the position.
4. Open to communicating with a superior to complete his training.
5. Handling of refrigeration units, dishwashers, coffee makers, etc.
Other requirements

1. Honesty, dynamism, interpersonal skills, versatility, sense of initiative, sense of organization.
2. Quick cash counting and ability to complete an end of shift report.
3. Analytical aptitude, memorization aptitude and competence in rapid calculation.

Working conditions

1. Function requiring long hours of standing, in hot conditions, and heavy crockery.
2. Function requiring good physical condition.
3. Detect and report any malfunctions and / or equipment breakdown.
4. Tasks involve lifting items weighing 15 kg (33 pounds) or less.
5. Variable hours, sometimes with cut-off hours, which may require working evenings, weekends or holidays.
6. May have to work overtime (occasional).


1. 1 year experience in a similar field is mandatory.
2. (DEP or DES) compulsory.
3. (AEC or DEC in management / administration) allows access to senior positions.