Job description – Cashier

Sector: Counter service / Kitchen (Zone G storage) / Basement
Under the authority of: (directly / Indirectly) Team leader / Human Resource
Location: Masson
Eligibility for extra hours: yes




Functions and Responsibilities

1.1. Counter service
a) Charge the customer by ensuring that the prices on the displayed menu are accurate.
b) Systematically offer one or several drink/s, desserts and/or starters.
c) Handle cash payments, credit card or automatic debit.
d) Make the change according to the emitted politics..
e) Pack the goods or put them in bags at the need of the customer and according to the directives.
f) Calculate amounts perceived at the end of the quarter of work and conciliate them with the total figure of sales.
g) Tasks of cleaning and maintenance; coffeepot and flint, hot table, dessert display, beverages refrigerator, floor, walls, doors and centrings, cupboard, etc.

1.2. Dining room

a) Ensure the implementation of the dining room any time.
b) Tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the restroom; floor, basin, washbasin, knowledge, filled service’s papers, etc. must be impeccable and functional at any time.

1.3. General

a) Courtesy and professionalism. Assist the customers and provide at needs without keeping waiting them.
b) Take phone orders with quickness and professionalism. Post the orders in the reserved spaces.
c) Provide information to customers.
d) Help in the tasks of dishwashing; use a dishwasher (wash and tidy up the dishes, tools, glasses, containing condiments, etc.).
e) Detect and indicate possible dysfunctions and\or breaking of equipment.
f) Fill the diverse jobs by respecting the rotation.
g) The spaces which are assigned to you will be under your responsibility during your quarter of work.
h) Use in a secure and effective way the equipment and the diverse supplies.
i) Tasks of post closure, the environment must be clean and secure.
j) Make any other related tasks.
k) Make any other tasks given by a supervisor.
l) Complete tasks form and kitchen’s reports with diligence and accuracy.

Formation / Experiences

1. 1 year experience in a similar domain is required.
2. (DEP or DES) required.
3. (ACS or in DEC in management / administration) allows to reach superior posts.

Essential skills

1. Emphasis on the customer service (courteous and thoughtful).
2. (Teamwork) collaborates well.
3. Emphasizes the results (productive and dynamic).
4. Make basic calculations with diligence. Fill cashier reports.
5. Capacity to react well under pressure.
6. Diligence.

Skills about to the post

1. Functional knowledge of a POS cash register.
2. Be capable of calculating taxes with a calculator.
3. Takes initiatives related to the post.
4. Opened to communication with a superior to complete formation.
5. Manipulation of refrigeration units, dishwasher, coffeepot, etc.
Other requirements

1. Honesty, dynamism, communication, versatility, sense of initiative, the sense of organization.
2. Celerity in counting money and the capacity to fill an quarter’s end report.
3. Analytic capacity, capacity to memorize and quick calculation.

Working conditions

1. Job requiring to work of long hours standing up, in conditions of heat and to carry heavy trays of dishes.
2. Job requiring a good physical shape.
3. Detect and indicate possible dysfunctions and/or breaking of equipment.
4. Some tasks demand to raise weighty items lower or equal to 15 kg (33 pounds).
5. Work with flexible hours, sometimes cut hours, and might require to work in evenings, weekends or holidays.
6. Can make (occasional) extra hours.

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