Job Description

Sector: Operation / Administration
Under the authority of: Branch supervisor
Overtime Eligibility: No

Main tasks

1.1. Management
a) Assist managers in human resources management (hiring of staff, training, work distribution, scheduling, performance evaluation, conflict management, etc.).
b) Assist managers in the management of financial resources (preparation of budgets, control of operating costs, etc.) and material (inventory management, etc.)
c) Organize the storage and distribution of stocks
d) Manage food supplies: choice of suppliers, determination of needs, orders, etc.
e) Act as a restaurant manager as needed
f) Undertake restaurant assessment and inspection
g) Ensure that restaurants operate in accordance with the standards, policies and procedures of Rôtisseries Piri Piri Franchises

1.2. Supervision of production
a) Prepare supply summaries for the chef based on special requests
b) Supervise all kitchen activities (handling of appliances and food, compliance with food quality and freshness standards, composition of ordinary trays and special diets, transport of trolleys, etc.)
c) Carry out a daily inspection of the work areas and ensure the application of standards of hygiene, sanitation, health and safety at work
d) Ensure optimal use of all facilities and see to maximize profitability
e) Apply and enforce departmental and company policies and procedures

1.3. Customer service
a) Serve as a role model for its employees in applying customer service standards;
b) Ensures the complete satisfaction of restaurant customers and handles customer complaints as needed;
c) Ensures the maintenance and cleanliness of the premises;
d) Perform surprise inspections to ensure the Customer experience;

1.4. Marketing
a) Perform promotional activities and communicate the results to the owner;
b) Occasionally acts as the owner’s representative by developing good relationships with city authorities, neighboring traders or business partners;




Essential Skills
1) Professional attitudes and behavior (aptitudes for teamwork, autonomy, dynamism, interpersonal skills, honesty, versatility, sense of initiative, sense of organization, etc.)
2) Knowledge of French and English. Fluency in other languages ​​is an asset
3) Knowledge and application of labor standards and basic principles in health and safety, as well only in hygiene and sanitation
4) Skills for written and verbal communication
5) Leadership and decision-making capacity
6) Speed ​​of execution
7) stress tolerance
8) Dynamism, interpersonal skills, versatility, sense of initiative, sense of organization;
9) Attendance and flexibility in working hours.

Work conditions

1) A pleasant, professional working environment in a growing company;
2) A loyal and pleasant clientele;
3) Function requiring good physical condition
4) Variable hours work, which may require working evenings, weekends or holidays.
5) Work under pressure at peak hours or in sometimes difficult situations;


1) Depending on the academic background, three to five years of experience in the field of restoration are required. Supervisory experience is an asset.
2) AEC or DEC in Catering / Hotel / Administration makes it easier to access the position of supervisor;