Grill Garden

Job Description

Area: Service / Kitchen Counter
Under the authority of: (Directly / Indirectly) Team Leader / Human Resources Executive
Overtime Eligibility: Yes

Main tasks

1.1. Service counter – order
a) Take orders with precision, courtesy and professionalism.
b) Advise the client and answer questions without making him wait.
c) Manage the work flow.
d) Assemble the dishes while respecting the guidelines of the banner.
e) Use cutting tools with speed and precision.
f) Cook the meats on the grill according to the instructions; quantity and quality.

1.2. General
a) Handling cooked or raw foods. Respect the banner’s quality standards.
b) Sort the food that does not meet the standards while applying the manager’s instructions.
c) Fill the workstations respecting the rotation established by the manager.
d) Ensure the rotation of meats and bread according to the procedures established by the manager. Freezing to control losses.
e) Disinfection tasks according to banner standards; prep board, prep tables, walls, utensils, equipment and appliances, etc.
f) Use the equipment and various supplies in an adequate and safe manner.
g) Cleaning and handling of a fryer according to the manufacturer’s standards.
h) Grill counter cleaning and maintenance tasks; floor, wall, cupboard, counter, cold table, equipment, glass and display cases, etc. must be clean and functional at all times.
i) Disinfection tasks according to banner standards; preparation board, preparation tables, kitchen area, brush and metal scraper, etc.
j) Apply the rules of hygiene and sanitation at all times.
k) Keep the environment clean and safe.
l) Detect and report any malfunctions and / or equipment breakdown.
m) Perform all other related tasks.
n) Carry out all other tasks given by a supervisor.
o) Complete task forms diligently and accurately.


Essential Skills

1. Emphasizes customer service (Courteous and considerate).
2. Collaborates well (teamwork).
3. Focuses on results (productive and dynamic).
4. Dynamism, interpersonal skills, honesty, versatility, sense of initiative, sense of organization.
5. Ability to react well under pressure.
4. Training in food handling: hygiene and salubrity MAPAQ is compulsory.
5. Attendance.

Job-related skills

1. Performs tasks with rigor and accuracy.
2. Applies policies and procedures, respects government hygiene standards as well as health standards according to the policies in force.
3. Takes initiatives related to the position.
4. Open to communicating with a superior to complete his training.
5. Operates and maintains the dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Working conditions

1. Position requiring long hours of work standing, in conditions of exposure to high heat and sometimes cold.
2. Function requiring good physical condition.
3. Repeatedly lifting loads weighing less than or equal to 30 kg (66 lbs).
4. Tasks require lifting items weighing 40 kg (90 pounds) or less.
5. Variable hours, sometimes with cut-off hours, which may require working evenings, weekends or holidays.
6. Detect and report any malfunctions and / or breakage of equipment.
7. May have to work overtime (occasional).
8. Function requiring the use over long periods of time of machinery and kitchen equipment (charcoal grill, fryers, cutting tools, etc.) as directed by the banner.


1. 2 years’ experience in a similar field required.
2. (DEP or DES) compulsory.
3. (AEC or DEC in Catering / Hospitality) allows access to senior positions.