Administrative Assistant Bookkeeper

Job Description

This position works closely with the president, the vice president of the company and with the chartered accountant.

Takes care of day-to-day tasks such as: accounting, bookkeeping of Piri Piri branches, payroll for all employees, administrative and secretarial duties

Main tasks

  • Maintain and control accounting entries (enter supplier invoices, enter all expenses and income in general etc.);
  • Calculate the operating costs (cost of goods, cost of labor, upkeep and maintenance expense, fixed cost, etc.);
  • Manage administrative tasks (classify invoices by department, scan and classify certificates and permits ensuring they are up to date, classify equipment breakdown report, classify equipment warranties, etc.);
  • Prepare, enter on the computer, revise and proofread correspondence, invoices, presentations, brochures, publications, reports and other related documents from shorthand, dictation or handwritten notes;
  • Manage Human Resources (classify and keep up to date active and inactive employee files, manage, digitize and classify all CNESST files, classify incident reports, manage certificates and training certificates, etc.);
  • Manage payroll (perform payroll through the Payweb system, manage payroll issues, vacation pay, public holidays, payroll advance etc.);
  • Carry out an inventory of office supplies, Order office supplies from Headquarters and branches, etc.);
  • Prepare invoices (internal and external invoicing, marketing costs, banner costs, large group order etc.);
  • Check the end of year entries;
  • Produce reports on company finances;
  • Carry out bank reconciliations (bank reconciliation of sales, payments by check or others, control bank deposits of managers, reconcile electronic payment deposits (credit card and debits);
  • Respond to inquiries received by phone and email and forward phone calls and messages (Deal with complaints about products, services or establishment policies);
  • Open and distribute postal and electronic mail and other documents received and coordinate the flow of information internally and with branches (respond to any request from suppliers or customers);
  • Produce, correct and layout new forms, notices, memos, procedures and / or records requested by managers (Word and Excel);
  • Record and prepare agendas for meetings;
  • Schedule and confirm appointments and employer meetings;
  • Greet visitors, determine the purpose of their visit and direct them to the appropriate person;
  • Carry out any related task that will be asked of you;
  • Keep your workplace clean and functional.


Have a minimum of 1 year of experience in a similar position.
Fully proficient in the use of Simply Accounting software.
Have ease of composing letters and a quick typing speed. Fluency in French (spoken and written), knowledge of English (an asset).


The candidate sought is a meticulous, rigorous and organized person.
His work, repetitive and precise, requires patience. She enjoys administrative tasks and manipulating numbers. She works independently.
She is known for her ability to communicate with people and solve problems. She has good people skills, is dynamic and versatile.